We will be closed until further notice.

For questions, please call 205-337-5582 or 205-389-5005.

This property is for lease or sale. 65+/-acres. Contact Julie (205) 337-5582.

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Class Field Trips: Fun for all ages

Field Trip Reservations

To request a specific date for your school group, please visit our Field Trip Form page.

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School Lunches

Please visit our School Lunch Form to make your lunch reservations.

Adult Lunches

Activities Package Plans

Don’t forget our gift shop in the barn with items starting at only 10 cents!

Please remember to preorder your school lunches 3 days in advance.

Phone Number - (205) 755-4553
Fax Number: (205) 755-2944

The only fee paid by parents aside from lunch is the hay ride and choice of pumpkin.
Teachers ride hay ride for free.